jueves, 22 de julio de 2010


These paintings are a reflection on the nature humans as insatiable emotion-consuming beings. Emotions that shape and define us throughout our lives, making us feel alive; emotions that remain unperturbed in the face of time and circumstance.
They are the language of a body that tries to get rid of all conventions or “tailor-made” suits, so as to swim into the sea of the unusual, a sea made up from disconnected bits and pieces that still, complement each other.
In an attempt to get away from them, we sometimes end up putting on the mask of indifference, which only results in an even more noticeable difference. Difference is something so inherent to us, human beings, as distinctive as our own skin or each an everyone of our thoughts.
These emotions go far beyond us, influencing everything around, guiding our steps towards the unknown. Living between dreams and reality, we wish to escape reality and dive into a dream-like world, where reason is overcome by the heart, where the struggle between reason and skin can no longer exist, where our dreams guide our way, while we unburden ourselves from the restrains that tie us down.
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